Events occurring on Friday, February 9, 1945  
  Combat in Western Europe After D-Day  
  The French I Corps eliminated the German rearguard at Chalampé, and with no major German forces left on the west bank of the Rhine in the region of Colmar, the Germans detonated the bridge over the Rhine at Chalampé. This act signaled the end of French First Army and the U.S. XXI Corps operations against the German Nineteenth Army in the Colmar Pocket and the end of any significant German military presence in Alsace.  
  The Canadian 3rd Infantry Division under the First Canadian Army’s British XXX Corps occupied Mehr, Niel, Keeken, and Milligen in Germany, and division patrols carried out reconnaissance in the Rhine area.  
  The Western Pacific Theater  
  U.S. Navy aircraft sank the Japanese army cargo ship Hekisui Maru off Mako, Formosa.  
  Japanese Coast Defense Vessel No.61 was damaged by mine (laid by the submarine USS Ray (SS 271) on February 22, 1944°0, 10 miles off Cape St. Jacques, French Indochina.  
  The Southwest Pacific Theater  
  U.S. Navy PV-1 Venturas sank the small Japanese cargo vessel No.177 Nanshin Maru in Flores Sea west of Maumere.  
  Resisting the Nazis  
  George Maduro died of typhus in the Dachau concentration camp. Maduro was a Jewish officer in the Dutch armed forces and resistance fighter. Maduro distinguished himself in the Battle of the Netherlands in 1940. He was captured when the Dutch military capitulated and released after a half year. Maduro then joined the resistance helping Allied pilots escape from German occupied Europe. He was caught by Dutch authorities and held in jail but escaped. He was captured again, this time by the Gestapo, and eventually transferred to the Dachau concentration camp. In 1946 Maduro was posthumously granted the honor of Knight 4th-class of the Military Order of William, the highest and oldest honor in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, because he had distinguished himself in the Battle of the Netherlands against German troops.  
  February 1945 Calendar  
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