Events occurring on Thursday, January 18, 1945  
  Operation Autumn Mist - The Battle of the Bulge  
  The 5th Infantry Division of General George S. Patton’s Third Army, made a night-time crossing of the Sauer River at Diekirch, in northeastern Luxembourg.  
  The Liberation of the Philippine Islands  
  Wanting to prove if Lt. Domingo Angeles (who was a Filipino guerilla that had been captured in scouting Nasugbu Bay for the Americans the previous day) was telling the truth, the Japanese brought him to the barrio of Bucana, Philippines where he said he lived at that time, a marshy area very close to the river flowing onto Nasugbu Bay. Along the way Angeles managed to escape and made it back to the battalion command post of the First Battalion Hunters Regiment in Balaytigue, that evening. Lt. Romeo Gatan, who had started the mission with Angeles and had been captured and tortured, managed to make it back to the command post. Angeles and Gatan wrote up reports that included sketches and detailed maps. Before midnight the American officers (who arrived the previous day on an intelligence mission) boarded their PT boat and returned to the U.S. Eighth Army HQ. The information provided by Angeles and Gatan was to be one of the deciding factors in the ability of the American forces to successfully land in Nasugbu, and start ousting the Japanese Occupation forces.  
  The tank landing ship LST-219 was damaged by grounding off west coast of Luzon.  
  The tank landing ship LST-752 was damaged in a collision off Leyte.  
  The Central Pacific Theater  
  Japanese raiding parties landed on Peleliu, Palau Islands. Their attempt to damage aircraft on the ground and destroy ammunition was not successful.  
  The infantry landing craft (gunboat) LCI(G)-396 was damaged by a mine, Palaus.  
  The Western Pacific Theater  
  The Japanese merchant cargo ship Reizan Maru (previously damaged on 31 August 1944 by U.S. 14th Air Force planes) was sunk by mine in the upper Yangtze River.  
  The Atomic Bombs  
  The Dragon experiment was conducted at Los Alamos, New Mexico in which a U-235 hydride slug was dropped through a ring of barely subcritical U-235 hydride and made it go critical for a fraction of a second. The object was to reach prompt criticality and thereby simulate bomb conditions.  
  Ships Commissioned  
  A ship's commissioning was when the ship was handed over, post fittings and trials, to the end user which, in this case, was a combatant navy.  
  The frigate USS Milledgeville (PF 94) was commissioned.  
  The U-2533 was commissioned. Her first commander was Oberleutnant zur See Horst Günther.  
  January 1945 Calendar  
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