Events occurring on Friday, June 1, 1945  
  The Liberation of the Philippine Islands  
  The U.S. 37th Division advanced rapidly in the Cagayan valley.  
  The Air War over Japan  
  27 U.S. P-51 Mustang fighters were lost in a thunderstorm en route to an assault on Osaka, Japan.  
  The Middle East in WW2  
  The French army continued to battle Syrian nationalists for control of Damascus.  
  French leader General Charles De Gaulle accused the British government of interference in French affairs. In response, the British declared that the French were using Lend-Lease equipment to fight the Syrians and Lebanese in violation of the terms of the American agreement.  
  Allied Submarine Warfare in the Pacific  
  The submarine HMS Tiptoe (P 332), commanded by Lt. Richard L. Jay, torpedoed and sank the 983 ton Japanese merchant cargo ship Tobi Maru in the Java Sea off Matasiri Island.  
  The Atomic Bombs  
  The Interim Committee ended a two-day meeting to make recommendations on wartime use of atomic weapons, international regulation of atomic information, and legislation regarding domestic control of the atomic enterprise. The Committee's draft legislation becomes the basis for the May- Johnson bill. The May- Johnson bill would put the atomic program under control of a nine-member commission of military men and civilians and would legislate severe penalties for security violations. Many scientists were opposed to the bill because they felt it would stifle the free exchange of information and would lead to a military monopoly over nuclear research.  
  The Aftermath of WW2  
  British troops began the forcible repatriation of some 40,000 members of the Cossack Corps, many of whom were accompanied by their families, to Judenborg in the Soviet occupation zone. The mainly Russian soldiers of the Cossack Corps, led by General Timophey Domanoc, served with the German armed forces on the Eastern Front and surrendered to the British at the end of the war. In order to complete the transfer without incident, British officers had been told to continue the pretense that the Russians would be allowed to settle in the west. A pitched battle took place and about 700 Cossacks were shot, trampled, or committed suicide, fearing their fate in Soviet hands.  
  June 1945 Calendar  
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