Events occurring on Saturday, June 2, 1945  
  The Middle East in WW2  
  The French government denied the British charge that the French were using Lend-Lease equipment to fight the Syrians and Lebanese in violation of the terms of the American agreement.  
  Allied Submarine Warfare in the Pacific  
  The submarine USS Tench (SS 417), commanded by Lt. Commander Thomas S. Baskett, torpedoed and sank the 861 ton Japanese merchant cargo ship Mikamasan Maru southeast of Shiriyazaki, Honshu, Japan.  
  In Other News  
  Pope Pius XII addressed the Sacred College of Cardinals warning that grave perils still existed in Europe. Among those perils were “. . . those mobs of dispossessed, disillusioned, disappointed, hopeless men who are going to swell the ranks of revolution and disorder in the pay of a tyranny no less despotic than those for whose overthrow men planned.” In a clear reference to the control of the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe, Pius XII said that the people of smaller and medium sized nations “are entitled to refuse to accept a new political or cultural system which is decisively rejected by the great majority of their people.” Pius XII also hoped that Germany “can rise to a new dignity and a new life after it has laid to rest the satanic specter raised by National Socialism and the guilty have expiated the crimes they have committed.”  
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