Events occurring on Tuesday, June 19, 1945  
  Allied Submarine Warfare in the Pacific  
  The submarine USS Sea Dog (SS 401), commanded by Commander Earl T. Hydeman, torpedoed and sank the 1,272 ton Japanese army cargo ship Kokai Maru and the 958 ton Japanese merchant cargo ship Shinhei Maru No.3 off the northwest coast of Hokkaido, Japan.  
  The submarine USS Tinosa (SS 283), commanded by Lt. Commander Richard C. Latham, torpedoed and sank the 2,000 ton Japanese army cargo ship Wakae Maru off the east coast of Korea.  
  The submarine USS Bullhead (SS 332), commanded by Commander Walter T. Griffith, sank the Japanese sailing vessel Tachibana Maru No.57 with gunfire in the Sunda Strait, Indonesia.  
  The submarine USS Cabezon (SS 334), commanded by Commander George W. Lautrup, torpedoed and sank the 2,631 ton Japanese merchant cargo ship Zaosan Maru southwest of Paramushiro, Kurile Islands.  
  United Nations Events  
  American, British, Chinese, French, and Russian representatives, meeting in San Francisco, decided that nations which had sided with the Axis during World War II would not be admitted to the United Nations until the UN Council invited them to become members. This decision precluded Spanish participation in the United Nations.  
  Events in the United States  
  An estimated 4 million New York residents turned out to cheer General Dwight D. Eisenhower in a 35-mile ticker tape motorcade through the city. Eisenhower later attended a baseball game televised by WNBT between the New York Giants and Boston Braves.  
  June 1945 Calendar  
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