The Timeline for the Hawker Fury interceptor-fighter  
  Thursday, March 26, 1931  
  The first of the Hawker Fury series of interceptor-fighter took to the air for the first time. The Hawker Fury has been called the "Ultimate Biplane Fighter."  It went on to serve with three frontline squadrons until 1939, only being replaced when the 8-gun monoplanes, the Hurricane and Spitfire were hurried into service prior to the outbreak of war.  
  May 1931  
  No. 43 Squadron at Tangmere became the first RAF unit to receive the Hawker Fury Mk. I  
  Wednesday, April 13, 1932  
  The private-venture Intermediate Hawker Fury made its first flight. This aircraft was basically as a refined Fury I.  
  Friday, August 5, 1932  
  The Hawker Fury number 401, powered by an Armstrong Siddeley Panther IIIA engine, was first flown.  
  Wednesday, May 3, 1933  
  The experimental High Speed Fury flew for the first time. This aircraft was powered by a Kestrel engine and would be become the fastest of all the Furies by attaining a speed of 245 mph. Later it was fitted with a 518kW Goshawk.  
  Sunday, October 1, 1933  
  A modified version of the private-venture Intermediate Hawker Fury made its first flight. Modifications included the addition of a 477kW Kestrel VI engine, with semi-evaporative cooling and achieved a staggering 230 mph.  
  Tuesday, October 17, 1933  
  A re-engined modified version of the private-venture Intermediate Hawker Fury made its first flight. The aircraft was equipped with a Goshawk III engine.  
  Tuesday, August 20, 1935  
  The Hawker Fury Mk.2 first flew. This version of the interceptor-fighter was fitted with a Kestrel VI with composite cooling, modified fuel and oil systems, and streamlined wheel spats.  
  December 1936  
  No. 25 Squadron became the first unit to receive the Hawker Fury Mk II. The squadron had been operating the Hawker Fury Mk.1 since 1932.  

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