Events Relating to the Rise of the Third Reich in 1926  
  Monday, February 15, 1926  
  Adolf Hitler called a “leader meeting“ of the Nazi Party meeting in Bamberg, southern Germany. Hitler picked a weekday when it was difficult for the leaders of the northern Nazis to attend. Only Gregor Strasser and Joseph Goebbels were able to attend. At the meeting Hitler rejected any alliance with the Soviet Union or nationalizing German estates. Many historians view this as the time that Goebbels deserted Strasser and joined Hitler although his diaries do not bear this out.  
  Saturday, April 17, 1926  
  Goebbels left Munich for Berlin. Goebbels had arrived in southern Germany in mid-February as a follower of Strasser and an opponent of Hitler. During the interim Goebbels switched allegiances to Hitler.  
  Tuesday, October 26, 1926  
  Hitler appointed Goebbels "Gauleiter" for the Berlin section of the Nazi Party. This position was a reward for Goebbels switching allegiance from Strasser to Hitler.  

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