Events Relating to the Rise of the Third Reich in 1929  
  Thursday, January 6, 1929  
  Upon the resignation of Schutzstaffel commander Erhard Heiden, Heinrich Himmler was appointed Reichsführer-SS of the Nazi Party by Adolf Hitler. Reichsführer was, at that time, simply a title for the National Commander of the SS. At this time the SS totaled 280 men, was subordinate to the SA and had two major functions: to serve as bodyguards for Hitler and other Nazi leaders and to hawk subscriptions for the Nazi party newspaper, Der Völkischer Beobachter (The Race-Nationalist Observer).  
  Sunday, December 22, 1929  
  A referendum was held in Germany to introduce a "Law against the Enslavement of the German People." The law, proposed by German nationalists, would formally renounce the Treaty of Versailles and make it a criminal offence for German officials to cooperate in the collecting of reparations. Although it was approved by 94.5% of voters, turnout was just 14.9%, while a turnout of 50% was necessary for it to pass. The referendum was very favorable to the Nazi Party which supported the referendum. Exposure in widely read newspapers gave the Nazis free publicity and party leader Adolf Hitler became a household name in Germany. In addition, campaigning with the mainstream right wing parties gave Hitler a credibility he had lacked before.  

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