Events Relating to the Rise of the Third Reich in 1931  
  Sunday, October 11, 1931  
  The Harzburg Front was formed at a convention of representatives of right-wing political groups at a convention at the spa town of Bad Harzburg. The coalition consisted of the national conservative German National People's Party (DNVP) under millionaire press-baron Alfred Hugenberg with Adolf Hitler's NSDAP Nazi Party, the leadership of the Stahlhelm paramilitary veterans' association, the Agricultural League, and the Pan-German League organizations. The Harzburg Front was a short-lived attempt to present a unified opposition to the government of Reich Chancellor Heinrich Brüning.  
  Friday, October 16, 1931  
  A motion of no confidence against Reich Chancellor Heinrich Brüning in the Reichstag by the Harzburg Front failed. The Harzburg Front was a short-lived coalition of right-wing political groups created to present a unified opposition to the government of Brüning that included the Nazi Party and the the German National People's Party.  
  Thursday, December 31, 1931  
  Heinrich Himmler of the SS (Schutzstaffel) issued the SS Marriage Order in order to protect the racial potential of the SS men by instructing them to marry and procreate with women of equal "racial worth" and thus advance the biological "up-breeding" of the SS.  

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